Translation program characteristics according to the FEMTI

FEMTI is “an Evaluation Framework in Machine Translation in ISLE” that helps investigators to develop evaluation plans. FEMTI by combining two characteristic classifications: one define the possible contexts of use of a machine translation system, and the other one define a range of characteristics which are considered a good machine translation software.

A FEMTI good translation machine includes the development of the following items:

  1. Functionality: accuracy, suitability, well-formedness, interoperability, funtionability compliance and security.
  2. Reliability: madurity, fault tolerance, crashing frecuency, recoverability and reliability compliance.
  3. Usability: understandability, learnability, operability, documentation, attractiveness and usability compliance.
  4. Efficiency: time behaviour and resource utilisation.
  5. Maintainability: analisability, changeability, stability, testability and mainantability compliance.
  6. Portability: adaptability, installability, portability compliance, replaceability and co-existence.
  7. Cost: introduction cost, maintenance cost, other costs.

If you have any doubt on these concepts, you can check their meaning in RUN FEMTY (in the left column) when you click on each noun.


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