Q1: European research centres for HLT

  1.  Språkteknologi the Swedish HLT centre:

” Språkteknologi.se is the national language technology center in Sweden. Here, both the public, companies, researchers and others can find information about Swedish language technology: products, technologies, research reports, conferences, people, organizations, a large collection of Nordic and International links, and much more.”

Spraktekteknologi.se; Swedish Centre for Human Language Technologies ( 2007, March 28). Retrieved April 01, 2007. From: http://sprakteknologi.se/welcome-to-plone?set_language=en&cl=en OFAI an

    2.  Austrian centre which works in HLT

“Language Technology (LT) forms a major research area at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) since its inception in 1984. We conduct research in modelling and processing human languages, especially for German (…) The Language Technology Group at OFAI is  also a member of the EU’s European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies (ELSNET)

Austrian Research Institute for Antificial Intelligence. Language Technology Group (2005). Retrieved March 28, 2007,


    3.  DCU the Irish centre for LT and HLT:

” The National Centre for Language Technology conducts research into the processing of human language by computers (…)  Research in Human Language Technology is interdisciplinary and includes Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics “.

National Centre for Language Technology (2006 November 06) Dublin City University; Busines School. Retrieved April 01, 2007.




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