About Web 2.0

I think the best way to explain what Web 2.0 is, could be having a look through Wikipedia. O’Relly explain us what wikipedia is  “… an on-line encyclopedia based on the unlikely notion that an entry can be added by any web user, and edited by any other, is a radical experiment in trust… Wikipedia is already in the top 100 websites.” That virtual and free encyclopedia says several things I have to mention:

  • ” Web 2.0 is a phrase coined in O’Relly Media in 2004, refers to a supposed second-generation of Internet-based services…that let people collaborate and share information on-line in previously unavailable ways.”
  •  Main ideas are: “The web as a platform…an architecture of participation…innovation in assembly of system and sites composed by pulling together features from distributed, independent developers…” among others. 
  • Thanks to web 2.0 the world wide web has being improving: “The transition of websites from isolated information silos to sources of content and functionality, thus becoming computing platforms serving web applications to end users. A social phenomenon…characterised by open communication, decentralisation of authority, freedom to share and re-use…”
  • “Proponents of web 2.0 say (…) it moves away from static websites.” “Skeptics may see the term web 2.0 ass a title more than a buzzword, or they may suggest that it means proponents wants in order to convince their customers…” 
  • “Many find it easiest to define Web 2.0 by associating it with companies or products that embody its principles”. Examples of Web 2.0 services are  digg, ShoutwireTechnorati,  eBay, craigslist, Wikipedia, del.icio.us, Skype…etc, association is the key to become an strong web 2.0 company.

Una respuesta a “About Web 2.0

  1. Good article as usual.Good written and clean.But I think I’m going to have to explain you what the Web 2.0 really is, don’t worry that’s what I’m here for. The web 2.0 is a ‘virtual term’ to explain the technology growth in web pages creation and publishing (editar).I hope you enjoy your holidays in your hometown!


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